NZ Open GPS Project

Community developed auto-routing maps of New Zealand

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Loading using MapSource

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Step 1 - Download the appropriate mapset installer - see the download page for more information as to which is the correct installer for your GPS unit.

Step 2 - Run the installer, follow the prompts in the installer and allow the maps to install. The installer integrates the maps into MapSource.

Step 3 - Start MapSource

Step 4 - Select the Free Open GPS NZ Maps using the product selection drop-down menu. NB if you only have one mapset, use the menu path View -> Switch to Product -> Free Open GPS NZ Autorouting


Step 5 - Click on the Map Selection tool on the toolbar





Step 6 - Use view/zoom out region or manually zoom out and draw a box around all of NZ. Make sure you have all of the maps - there are 10 map tiles including 2 Zenbu POI. Make sure the 'Include Route calculation data' checkbox is ticked.



Step 7 - Click on the Send to Device button on the toolbar



Step 8 - Select your GPS device from the list, make sure the Maps is ticked in the 'What to send' section, and click 'Send'



Step 9 - MapSource will build the MapSet and then send to your GPS. Usually this will take a minute or two.



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