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South Island Road Trip

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South Island Road Trip
Nelson Lakes
Fox Glacier
Thompson Gorge
Bannockburn / Alexandra
Chinamans Bluff
Otago Rail Trail
Mt Cook
Mt Cook - Hanmer
Hanmer part 2
Heading north
End of the trip
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Background - this is a story I wrote up on Vorb in 2006, I thought it would be good to dig it out and share it with a wider audience GW 2009

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And so it all began, I was aiming to fly into Nelson from Auckland on Origin Pacific.

Lesson #1 - the bike is included in your baggage allowance which totals 15kg. $5 per kilo for anything over. Total checked baggage (including my bike) was 35kg. I was let off $70 lighter

Just as we took off from Auckland, a child a couple of seats ahead of me threw up. The cabin was filled with a smell that terminated any hunger pangs I may have been having at the time. The rest of the flight was pretty sweet until the approach into Nelson which was very rough with a very strong crosswind - shades of Wellington style landings :hmmm:

After landing I gathered my gear and dragged it all over to the Air NZ terminal where the rental agencies were. No dramas getting the car sorted, but lots of dramas getting it all to fit in!

I stayed that night in a cabin at the Top 10 campground in Motueka. Top 10 campgrounds are usually pretty good with clean facilities so that's why I prefer to stay in them, less chance of getting attacked by a mutated shower curtain.

I had a quick spin on the bike around the back streets of Motueka the next morning before pointing the car inland down the Motueka Valley Highway - it was very picturesque.

StArnaud, Nelson Lakes 'St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes'

After checking into the motel in St Arnaud, I put the bike together again and headed out to the Teetotal flats MTB tracks. DOC have put these tracks together around the old Teetotal road. I rode around for a couple of hours initially on the loop track, but then started following random sheep tracks. I got pretty wet fording some of the streams and swampy bits. Otherwise it was well worth it.

'Teetotal tracks, St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes'

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