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Topo Maps For Garmin GPS

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There are quite a few options for NZ Topo and Tramping Maps for Garmin GPS units. I've used topo maps on a couple of different Garmin GPS units - tramping and mountain biking with a GPSMap60, tramping and walking with a 60Cx, and in the early days some self made topos tramping with a 'Old Blue' Legend.

When selecting a GPS map package you should consider how you are going to use the maps, for example:

  • If the maps are only supplied on a SD card, you will not be able to view the maps in MapSource
  • How many PCs or GPS units can the maps be installed onto? - important if you are going 'halves' with a tramping mate on the map purchase
  • Talk with other users on the NZ GPS forums and check out screenshots and details on the map makers websites. Ask questions and gauge support.

If you are looking for online NZ Topo maps where you can explore NZ topo maps and download maps ready for printing or special purpose georeferenced maps, check out

  • Print ready LINZ maps with legend (TIFF images)
  • Georeferenced LINZ maps (GeoTIFF images)
  • Garmin Custom Maps / Google Earth overlays (KMZ files)


The screen shot below illustrates what a topo map can look like on a Garmin Nuvi - this is Gary's topo with the standard TYP customisation.


Free Garmin GPS Topo / Tramping Maps


Mr Purple's topo maps

RC's tramping tracks

RC's DOC tracks

Commercial Garmin GPS Topo / Tramping Maps

Gary's Topo maps

  • I've used these maps myself for a few years for both tramping and mountain biking
  • Installs into MapSource

Brent's Topo Maps

Map Toaster


Memory Map - Topo4GPS

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