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Cycle Tracks in West Auckland

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Cycle Tracks in West Auckland

Great North Road Henderson to Westwave and Tui Glen

680m. Some gravel, some concrete, slight inclines

At Great North Road, the track starts near the intersection of Alderman Drive, a wooden decked bridge leads off the footpath approx 50m north of the intersection. The path goes round the back of Pack n Save, under the bridge at Sel Peacock Drive and out into the WestWave carpark. There are a couple of different tracks to choose from - immediately behind Westwave, or the Bowling club, or around the outside of the Cranwell Park reserve. All the tracks end up at the bridge over into Tui Glen.

Interesting points include much of the Henderson Heritage Trail - there are marker posts and signage at each point, and the historic Tui Glen which used to be a campground for many years.


Tui Glen to the Motorway

3.4km of concrete bike path, mostly flat to rolling except for some short steep sections around Sherwood Avenue

920m of on road cycling between Flanshaw Road and McCormick Road

The path winds through Tui Glen to Central Park Drive and continues in parallel with the road until it crosses under the bridge near the Trusts Stadium. The path then continues alongside the river until the end of Flanshaw Road.There are connections onto the path from Central Park Drive, Blethyn Place, Quiet Street, and Sherwood Avenue.

From the end of Flanshaw Road you can continue on the cyclepath which will cross a slippery bridge alongside the motorway and come out on Central Park Drive, or cycle up Flanshaw Raod to Royal View Road, along Royal View Road to McCormick Road where the next section of the cyclepath to Auckland continues.

Interesting points - Tui Glen was New Zealand's first Motor Camp, opening in 1924. It closed several years ago



McCormick Road to Great North Road (Waterview)

5.7km Mix of concrete, tarseal, and boardwalk. Some slight inclines up to intersections and overbridges

The cycle path goes through a grass reserve up to the traffic lights at Te Atatu Road. Cross the road and pick up the path as it continues alongside the motorway heading towards town. There is a very narrow bridge that may be too tight to pass another rider or walker comfortably. Once over the bridge, the path continues to Patiki Road where you use an overbridge to cross the on-ramp. On the other side of the bridge there is a short section of wooden boardwalk through the mangroves. The path then runs very straight and boring through to the overbridge at Waterview.



Waterview to St Lukes

450m of on road cycling along Sutherland Road, 1.58km of concrete bike path. Slight inclines, pretty flat

Cycle up the overbridge and head towards Carrington Road. The path goes through part of the Unitech campus before exiting out onto Carrington Road. Cross the road and cycle down Sutherland Road where the cyclepath to St Lukes starts. The path follows the motorway on one side and the Chamberlain Park Golf Course on the other. At St Lukes Road you can cross over the motorway to go to Western Springs / Motat, to pick up the path that continues from Ivanhoe Road though Arch Hill Reserve to Newton Road.



Lower Opanuku - Great North Road, Henderson to Border Road, Henderson Valley

2.5km of mostly concrete, a short (60m) on road section on Keeling Road. Pretty flat.

The path starts near the intersection of Great North Road and Henderson Valley Road. Cross over the historic Coronation bridge (opened 1911) a few meters from the traffic lights and underneath the railway overbridge. The path goes around the outside of the Corban Estate - now transformed into an arts centre - quite interesting to have a wander around the estate. At Mount Lebanon Lane, cross the 'railway' looking bridge into Henderson Park. There are some toilets in Henderson park which only seem to be open on weekends - a pain if you need a leak mid-week! The path goes all the way through the park and has links onto Vintage Drive, Wilsher Cres, and Smythe Road. The path hits the end of Keeling Road and continues from approx 60 meters up Keeling Road. This second section continues on to Border Road and also has a link to Garelja Road. At Border Road the Upper Openuku path starts (it hasn't been finished or opened yet)

Interesting points include a huge eel sculpture at the edge of the Corban Estate, the little St Michaels and All Saints Church, and the test sections of differing types of paving in the path.

Upper Opanuku - Border Road to Henderson Valley Road

1.1km of mostly concrete, a couple of wooden bridges. Pretty flat. Complete as of April 2010 (not sure when the formal opening is)

The recently completed path starts opposite the end of the Lower Opanuku path. It drops behind the pony club and an old winery before exiting out onto Henderson Valley Road. There is a link onto Misty Valley Drive approx half way through the ride.

A little further down Henderson Valley Road is a short 306m link up to South Kensington Way. The last section is steep but ridable. These sections complete the Project Twin Streams walkway and cycleways.

Millbrook Road and Oratia shared path - Vitasovich Avenue, Henderson to Parrs Cross Road, Oratia

3km, concrete, some wooden bridges, flat

The path starts at the intersection of Vitasovich Avenue and Edsel Street in Henderson. The path is a shared footpath that runs alongside Vitasovich Av, crossing View Road, and continuing alongside Millbrook Road. The path turns off Millbrook Road and heads towards the Sunnyvale railway station. The Lower Waikumete path branches off to the left 75m after turning off Millbrook Road. At the railway station, the path goes under the railway lines and continues to Parrs Cross Road.

There are links onto the path from Newham Place, Aetna Place, Seymour Road, Manui Place, Catherine Street, and Pioneer Street.


Lower Waikumete - Oratia shared path to Seymour Road

530m, concrete, flat

The path branches off the Millbrook Road to Oratia path 75m after turning off Millbrook Road. It continues through to Seymour Road.

Interesting points - some wetlands and signage showing how they work.



TeAtatu Bike Path

1.2km, concrete, flat

Gives easy access to Te Atatu Peninsula, avoiding the worst of the busy road. From the lights at the motorway off ramp and Te Atatu Road, the shared path crosses over the motorway overbridge, crosses the city bound on-ramp (crossing controlled by lights) and then runs parallel to Te Atatu Road, past the pony club and almost up to Cellermans Street. Access to the large harbor view reserve.


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