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Nuvi 40 step by step

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The Garmin Nuvi 40 is a budget Nuvi that is able to use the NZOpenGPS maps.

Basic steps for setting up using a Windows based PC

If you are not confident editing files, do not do steps 6 and 7 which modify the Nuvi keyboard to force ALL CAPS. If you are unable to edit files confidently you can still use the NZOpenGPS maps by using the shift button on the Nuvi keyboard to enter all address searches in CAPS (upper-case).

What you need:

  • Nuvi GPS
  • Suitable USB cable
  • Download the latest file from onto your computer. Unzip and extract - it contains a file called gmapsupp.img - save this to a handy location (desktop is fine)

Step 1 - Plus your Nuvi into one of your PC's USB ports. Wait while Windows installs the drivers

Step 2 - Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Nuvi

Step 3 - Create a new directory

Step 4 - rename the new directory to Map

Step 5 - copy in the gmapsupp.img file.

Step 6 - Locate the keyboard directory on your Nuvi. Specifically you are looking for a file called en_US.kbd

Step 7 - take a copy of this file and save it somewhere safe - it is a backup. We now will edit the en_US.kbd file on the Nuvi

Open it using notepad

Change references of lowercase outputs to uppercase


<level id="0" label="Q" output="Q"/>
<level id="1" label="q" output="q"/> <-- change the "q" to "Q"

Continue working through the file until complete, and save back into the Nuvi's Keyboard directory replacing the existing version

Step 8 - Turn on the Nuvi and enter the setup menu. Select the Language setup, and change the keyboard to American English. This makes the Nuvi use the modified en_US.kbd file

Step 10 - Move back to the main setup menu and select the Map setup, and then select the Info button.

  • Take the tick off the CN Aus and NZ NZ.... this turns off the Garmin maps (don't leave this on as the same time as the NZOpenGPS maps as it will stuff up your routing and searching)
  • Put ticks on the two Free Open GPS NZ Autorouting

Step 11 - Go back to the main menu and have a look at the maps.

Additional notes

Address searching is slightly different to standard searching.

  • When searching for an address the first screen asks you to "Select Town in New Zealand"
  • Choose the Search All button, enter the street address as normal in the next screens

Be sure to check into the forums and give feedback!




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