NZ Open GPS Project

Community developed auto-routing maps of New Zealand

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Download Questions

Q. Where do I download the maps from?
A. See the Downloads page

Q. I'm running Vista / XP and the installer ends with an error message reporting an issue and to try to re-install - what gives?
A. The installer writes to the registry, and must be run as an administrator.

Hardware Questions

Q. Do the NZ Open GPS Maps work on my Garmin GPS imported from the USA?
A. Yes- no problems. Many of us here have parallel imported Garmin GPS units and have used them for years with no dramas.

Q. Do the NZ Open GPS Maps work on my non-Garmin GPS?
A. No - the maps are specifically developed for the Garmin platform. Though if you have a device such as a phone that can run Garmin XT you are in luck!

Q. Do the NZ Open GPS Maps work on my Garmin GPS?
A. Yes - generally if your GPS does mapping the maps will work. Check the compatability list for detailed information and any limitations that may apply.

Q. What about my Pocket PC device?
A. If you have a PocketPC platform device you can use Garmin Que or similar products like Navitel Navigator, PTGMap etc. Note that to use these products requires a bit of work, ... er_devices is your best source of information

Q. What about my Phone?
A. If your phone can run Garmin XT - yes!

MapSource Questions

Q. Where can I get Mapsource from?
A. It comes with some models of GPS, or read instruction from kiwitonita here on how to download it.
Q. I've installed the maps and now MapSource is giving me problems... crashing, can't search etc?
A. Check the version of MapSource you are using. Version 6.14 gives problems with 3rd party maps. If it is version 6.14, you will need to upgrade to version 6.15 or downgrade to 6.13  If you need to downgrade MapSource, you can get a copy of the installer v6.13 installer (MapSource 6137.exe) from

Q. How do I load the maps with MapSource?
A. See for step by step instructions and screenshots

Nuvi / Zumo / Garmin XT Specific Questions

Q. What about street searching on my Nuvi or Zumo?
A. Street searching on Nuvi and Zumo models now works, thanks to Stan from When searching, don't use the 'Spell city' option, but rather search all cities. You must use the Nuvi specific mapset for street searching to work.

Q. How do you load maps on a Nuvi?
A.There are a couple of methods that can be used:

Method 1 - direct gmapsupp

Download the latest file from onto your computer

Unzip and extract - it contains a file called gmapsupp.img - save this to a handy location (desktop is fine)

Connect your GPS with a USB cable - once the driver have installed etc you should be able to use Windows Explorer to see the device.

Variation 1 - copy the gmapsupp.img file to a folder named /Garmin on the Nuvi - this is typically older Nuvi devices

Variation 2 - create a new directory called /Map on the Nuvi if it doesn't exist, and copy the gmapsupp.img into here - this is typically where it goes for newer Nuvis

Jump to step 7 below in the loading from Mapsource section


Method 2 - Loading from Mapsource:

  1. Download the latest ********_FREE_OpenGPS_NZ_Maps_Setup.exe from Global Indexing Mapsets/ . The ******** at the front is the date in year month day format.
  2. Install the maps, click .exe file. Maps will be installed to C:\Program Files\NZ Open Autorouting GPS Project.
  3. Open Mapsource and select Free Open GPS NZ Autorouting map. If you dont have Mapsource Read this.
  4. Using the Yellow Polygon Map tool, Select all New Zealand map tiles (9 total, 8 regional = 1 POI map).
  5. Click send to device, then find device. Choose your Nuvi or SD card from the drop down list. Click Send. It is recommended that you use a fresh SD card - they are cheap enough!
  6. Maps will be installed in the Garmin folder (gmapsupp.img) in either your Nuvi or SD card depending on your choice above
  7. On your Nuvi make sure maps are selected. Tools, Settings, Map, Map Info. There should be 2 listing of Free Open GPS NZ Autorouting, the POI map and the Street map. Make sure these are both selected.
  8. Image
  9. Maps will only be visible if you have a satellite visible and are in New Zealand. If you are not in New Zealand zoom out and drag map to New Zealand and zoom in.
Note - when doing an address search on a Nuvi / Zumo, use the search all cities option rather than the spell city option. Our streets are linked to suburbs which can be pretty hard to search. You may need to also input the search in CAPS (uppercase). If you have to use uppercase, you may be able to source a special keyboard file for your Nuvi - check out for further instructions.

Q. How can I have multiple gmapsupp.img files on my Nuvi?
A.You can have multiple maps - you can load a gmapsupp.img into the internal memory and another onto the SD card, and if you need more, a little renaming will help, though as always backup the map files off the GPS first!
Main Memory
1. gmapbmap.img - basemap
2. gmapprom.img - preinstalled map (if any) or additional map if you replace this map
3. gmapprom1.img - additional map
4. gmapsupp.img - additional map
5. gmapoem.img - additional map but this map cannot be deselected

SD Card
6. gmapsupp.img - additional map

Q. My Nuvi asks for a state when address searching
A. You have the incorrect Mapset installed. Uninstall the maps, and download the latest Nuvi specific mapset from ... 20Mapsets/

Q. My Nuvi 7xx lags when driving with the maps - e.g. the map position lagging behind real world
A. Check you have the latest firmware. Some early versions earlier than 4.2 give shockingly slow performance.

Q.My Zumo / Nuvi asks for a country when address searching and does not accept New Zealand. It shows the country as 114?
A. You have the incorrect Mapset installed. Uninstall the maps, and download the latest Nuvi specific mapset from ... 20Mapsets/

Q. When I do an address search I get no results?
A. Firstly - check you are using the correct version of the maps - if you are using a Nuvi / Zumo, you must use the Nuvi version. Secondly, you don't need to enter in a city - because of the way NZ has expanded, a road or a street can span several suburbs. Gary wrote a good explanation recently: "Some roads ( I don't know, but suspect that Gt Sth is an example ) are really bad, since there are multiple matches. That can date back to when there were lots of smaller towns - each would re-start the numbering - but the town was so small that everyone knew where it was. Now, they are all merged together into a big city - but the numbering hasn't been updated"

Other Questions

Q. Can you make maps for my ?
A. Generally no - so far there have been only a few GPS map formats that have 3rd party tools available for development. Magellan is a possibility but not of interest currently. If you have a Tomtom device you may be interested in Zenbu 4 Tomtom

Q. Can the map data from this project be used in GIS applications or can I get ESRI shapefiles of the data?
A. Yes - see viewtopic.php?t=348 for more information on extracting the industry standard ESRI shape files from the source data.

Q. How can I help the project?
  • Giving bug reports and feedback - see viewforum.php?f=1
  • Correcting or adding POI - if you notice a local POI that has a '?' at the start of the description, get an accurate location with your GPS and correct it via Zenbu or add your own local POI to Zenbu - that way they are available for everyone to share and they will be included in the maps.
  • Stuff like local parks and reserves - if they are not in the maps, use your GPS to survey the boundary lines or outline of the reserve - post the tracklog or waypoints into the appropriate map feedback section and they will be added to the maps. Likewise for paths and public access ways - record a good tracklog and post.
  • Spread the word about the project - plenty of people out there have out of date Garmin maps... we have the best map development community here - the likes of Garmin NZ City Navigator is lucky to get one update a year. Ours is weekly
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