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Community developed auto-routing maps of New Zealand

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Extracting ESRI Shape files

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Standard ESRI shape files can be generated from the NZ Open GPS Project's source files.

1. Download the Source files of each map area from

2. Wait while files download

3. You will need a copy of cgpsmapper from - the freeware version will do fine.

4. From a command line type:
cgpsmapper SHP where MapfileSource = the name of the source file to create ESRI shape files from

5. Cgpsmapper will process the file into standard ESRI files (WG84) which can then be used in map GIS applications.


Polygon.shp (and associated .shx and .dbf) contain polygon level information like water, oceans, buildings, airport runways etc

Point and POI.shp's (and associated .shx and .dbf) contain point level data

Line.shp (and associated .shx and .dbf) contains the roads, track, and ferry level data etc

Note that if you process another source file, the shape files will be over-written so best to move them to another directory once you have done the conversion.

Much of the data in the maps has been user created / modified, but is based on LINZ data - license below:

Legal Stuff wrote:
LINZ / Corax Data License:

In circumstances where this data or derivatives of this data have been used to generate information dissemination products such as maps, digital database products, internet databases, gazetteer books or similar, a clear and prominent reference should be made to Land Information New Zealand as the source of the data. If the data has been downloaded and translated or imported into another format or computer program Land Information New Zealand will not be responsible for any problems arising from the use of the data. The spelling or composition of the place names must not be altered unless the change is made to keep the name in line with a New Zealand Geographic Board decision or to correct a known error as detailed by Land Information New Zealand. This data may be freely distributed provided that these conditions are distributed with the data and adhered to by all recipients.

1. Copying, modification, on-supply and any other use of maps or data extracted from NZTopoOnline is undertaken at the users own risk.
2. Under no circumstances will LINZ be liable to users or to any other person for any loss or damage whatsoever caused directly or indirectly by any copying, modification, creation of derivative works, on-supply or other use of maps or data extracted from NZTopoOnline, or by any other error, omission or other inaccuracy in any such maps or data.


All topographic data featured in NZTopoOnline is subject to Crown copyright protection or is licenced to the Crown (DEM data used for hill shading is supplied under licence by GeographX Ltd). You may use, copy and distribute the information extracted from NZTopoOnline in any format or media without charge. However where the data is distributed to a third party, the source, date of extract and copyright of the Crown must be acknowledged eg (NZTopoOnline, extracted July 2002, Crown Copyright Reserved).

UMP License v1.0

0. Preamble

To goal of UMP (Unofficial Map Project) movement is a creation of Free vector Maps. The Maps distributed under this concept are free to obtain, modify and use for personal purposes. They are also free to modify and redistribute as far as Authors' credits and Freedom of the Map are not violated.

1. Acceptance of terms

By using the Maps (any maps contained in this package or any accompanying data or software), you accept the terms of this License. Do not install or use the Maps if you do not agree with any of the License terms.

2. Free availability

Any Maps covered by the License have to be distributed or redistributed free of charge. Only pure media costs may be charged under the condition that the channel free of media costs (like the Internet) is made available in parallel or is referred to. In such case the information about free distribution channel has to be visible before purchasing the media.

3. Freedom of use

Any Map covered by the License may be used for any personal or educational purposes without limitations, including decompilation, modification, conversion and recompilation. Any professional use (including but not limited to commercial, governmental or military use) may require separate agreement with Authors if not stated otherwise.

4. Freedom of development

The Maps covered by the License are free to modify and redistribute by anyone under the condition that Authors' credits are preserved and the modifications are distributed under the same or compatible license. Same rules apply to all works based on the Maps.

The Maps covered by the License may be incorporated and shipped together with differently licensed works under the condition that the Maps are well separated and this License (which may not be violated) is clearly stated for that part. Additionally all competing or similar data contained in such product has to be released under the same or compatible license.

5. Open development

If the Maps are distributed in the binary form, the source format has to be made available at the same time. As an alternative, source package my be referred to in case it is available through a channel free of media costs.

Authors (or recent maintainer of the Maps) should be notified about any released modifications to their work. If this is not possible, modifications should be announced through community channels like map-authoring focused newsgroups, forums or webpages.

6. Disclaimer of warranties

Authors take no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the Maps. All the data and software is provided "as is", the Maps shall be used at the sole responsibility of the user.

Special care should be taken when using the data as navigation aid, as mapping data may be misleading, incomplete or incorrect.

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