NZ Open GPS Project

Community developed auto-routing maps of New Zealand

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Windows installer for all Garmin GPS series including Nuvi | Zumo | Street Pilot  | Colorado | Oregon series | Dakota | 60CSx etc. Requires Garmin MapSource / MapInstall

Apple Mac map package - works with Nuvi and most other Garmin GPS series. Requires Garmin MapManager / MapInstall

Cross-Platform (Windows / Mac / Linux etc) gmapsupp.img - works with Nuvi / Zumo and most other Garmin GPS 'x' series with SD or micro SD storage  Does not require Garmin MapSource

  • Download and unzip the file from gmapsupp/
  • On a fresh SD card, create a directory called /Garmin and copy the gmapsupp.img file into this directory
  • Put the SD card in your Nuvi / Zumo
  • Updated weekly

Non-Auotrouting Legacy Maps for older GPS units with limited memory - Cross-Platform (Windows / Mac / Linux etc) Use SendMap to upload  Does not require Garmin MapSource

Source Files:


Nuvi Keyboard Files:

See for more details or search the forums for 'keyboard'

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